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Organising any type of event whether it’s a programme of events or a large scale event requires seamlessly pulling together a variety of key components including the Delegate Registration element. Sending invitations, telling attendees all about the event, collating the RSVP’s, sharing event information, collating preferences and special requirements, sending out pre-event surveys. This is part of the event planning is defined as the Delegate Registration process. Like many of the other logistical components, the time taken to organise can be very time consuming and this is where professional event planning companies can be drafted it to assist you, freeing up your time to focus on content and messaging for the event.

Lots of information needs to be captured in the months running up to the event, the information can change a number of times and invitation and attendee lists can change hourly and daily. Outsourcing is time-saving and cost-effective and allows the delegate registration process to be managed through an event planning company. They can build a bespoke branded registration platform for you quickly and easily and will manage all of the queries on your behalf.  If you run multiple events, it’s a great way of inviting attendees to specific events and monitoring through reporting functions how the sign-ups are progressing.

The software allows you to create bespoke registration sites which are unique to you and your event needs. Most delegates check emails and view websites via their mobile devices, it is, therefore, essential the technology is mobile friendly, clear and easy to use.

By using Delegate registration sites, these are some of the features you could use if required:

Invite delegates

By inviting everyone to register prior to the event the website is able to keep track of who is and who isn’t attending. Each delegate will receive an invitation via email, it can then track who responds and who does not and alert the user if key individuals are unable to make it / do not reply. A great advantage is that delegates can also register themselves for additional side events that are happening without having to send emails or make phone calls to find out more information.

Logging dietary and special requirements

Capturing delegates special and dietary requirements in advance helps you with your planning. Delegates can notify you of the requirements and feel reassured they will be looked after or catered for during the event, one less thing for them to worry about. It also helps you with selecting menus and making sure those with special requirements are looked after.

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Booking accommodation, parking, dinners and other extras

Encouraging delegates to stay at the venue where the event takes places encourages networking, sharing best practice and collaboration. But this can be a time-consuming task to log when everyone wants to stay as delegates tend to all want different nights and change their reservations on a daily basis! Using registration software cuts out many hours of emails back and forth and if your event planner can arrange the hotels and manage room allocations for you, all the better! You can predefine the questions around accommodation and extras they may need such as parking or joining for dinner as an example. You have the opportunity to restrict or promote these items as are available or defined by invitation.

Networking with other delegates

By registering for events, attendees can see who else is attending. They can connect with fellow attendees and groups of people and arrange meetings whilst at the event. You can set up specific groups and start conversations via a live feed which adds to the build-up of an event. It’s great for practical purposes, sharing transport to the event and supporting your companies environmental policy.

Pre-event surveys

Are you wanting to ask your attendees some questions about their expectations for the event or do you need them to complete some pre-event work? These registration sites are a great way of asking multiple choice or open questions and collating comments in advance. It can help you shape the event by understanding some of the topics which may come up in Q&A sessions or what the expectations are from some of the delegates for the event.

Delegate arrival is seamless

Pre-registered delegates help create a seamless arrival and registration experience. Organisers know exactly who is attending, who the VIPs and speakers are and anyone who may need assistance during the event. It saves time and can be as simple as delegates arriving, collecting a badge and signing in and then moving on to the coffee and business of the day!

Sharing of information

Attending events with have an exhibition and networking element is a great way to make new connections and share knowledge or product information. Capturing information via business cards is great if delegates remember to bring them. Another way to share relevant contact information is to print QR codes on delegate badges and use scanners to capture who has visited your stand or who you have met. At the end of the event, they will receive an email with all the relevant information that have asked to receive, it reduces the environmental impact of printing paper and means delegates are only sharing their information with those they want to.

Diary Planning, Speaker and Venue information

Delegates are able to arrange meetings with other colleagues and book rooms, therefore, enabling day to day business to continue and networking to take place.  They can research who the speakers are will never get lost as they can easily access floor plans and work out where they need to be and when.

To summarise, creating an event website or delegate registration site not only enables a business to focus on the content and delivery of the event but reduces the amount of time and effort spent chasing delegates, answering questions or actioning numerous changes.

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