Automation v Relationship building

One of the skills that sets event management specialists apart from other professions is our ability to communicate well and to really understand a client’s needs and translate those into an outstanding event by pulling together providers who will help achieve this.

With the advancement of technology and the introduction of automated processes, many aspects of the event industry can run more smoothly and happen more quickly.

Booking a room, for example, is simple and straight forward with the user only needing to tick boxes such as standard, kingsize, none smoking etc. However, what happens when there is a problem, someone wants to ask a question or requires something that isn’t quite the norm!  Are we so automated and self-sufficient we no longer want or need interaction to run businesses?

One thing we have recently come across is not being able to talk to onsite event teams as their booking processes are all automated.

To date, we are proud of the robust relationships we have built with venues based on great communication, trust and mutual respect. By talking to the onsite teams we get to know the venues and this helps us to get a better understanding of what that venue has to offer and enables us to get better value for our clients.

So often events evolve, having started as one thing and over time becoming something else. One size does not fit all and even if the same event is held every year the contents and style will always differ. Here at Zest, we do not follow formulaic rules as all events are different and hence unique so this type of automation doesn’t fit with our ethos.

So let’s not forget that we arrange events to bring teams together so that they can meet, engage with each other and hence communicate. Technology can make efficiencies but it will never replace the human touch.

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