We are looking forward to hearing Will Young’s talk at tomorrow at Confex and PA Show on mental wellbeing in the events industry. It is easy to overlook the pressures that Event Professionals put upon themselves, or have put upon them, so can easily succumb to stress and the illnesses associated with it.

The events industry is making great strides in tackling this issue, we all have a part to play to ensure ourselves, our teams and our suppliers are mindful of their health.

We spoke with a number of event professionals and asked them how they attempt to avoid becoming stressed while running and planning events.

1. Food – “always try and eat healthily, try not to just grab the nearest donut or have a week eating sandwiches. Work with the venue to get them to provide a healthier alternative for your teams” and “bring healthy snacks with you, that way you can eat when it is right for you and it will be nutritious and give you energy”

2. Exercise – “try and get outside every so often, go for a brisk walk or if there is a gym / pool on site use them to get an endorphin fix.” Most events require you to cover lots of miles, one of our team managed a marathon in high heels in 3 days! Get your teams to track how far they walk and see who has covered the most miles by the end of the event!

3. Home life – “it can be really hard being away from home so I try to have a daily catch up with my family via video, even if only for 5 minutes it’s good to check in with everyone”. Giving your teams proper time off if they have been away is key. Make sure they know they can also have flexibility with their working day to go and see their child’s sports day, school play, catch up with relatives or complete some life admin tasks. Making your teams feel valued and as though they have balance in their life with keep them in the right frame of mind.

4. Meeting client needs- “this is a demanding industry and our clients have high expectations, often they do not see the hours of work that go in behind the scenes, the hours of troubleshooting required as last minute changes are made or the pressure the events teams are put under to juggle multiple tasks at one given time. High quality events, delivered on time, on budget to a high standard are expected when the event goes live. We always try to manage expectations and keep our teams morale intact even when under pressure. Support your event teams by making sure you have enough staff and if there are difficult discussions to have with clients, support your teams and know that you are a team and will make sure collectively we deliver what we promise. Happy teams and clients makes these events run smoothly.

5. Communicate – “talk to your colleagues and peers about how you are feeling, you don’t need to suffer in silence. It may be that things can be changed around a bit to ease the pressure you are under and give you some breathing space.

By working together and communicating we believe that we can reduce the amount of stress we put on ourselves when delivering events and improve the wellbeing of our teams and colleagues.


Will Young to talk about Mental Wellbeing

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